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Getting your free makeup

That's the easy part! Register here, click the confirmation link in your email, and fill out your information. Your information is guaranteed to be safe and will not shared anywhere else.

After you have completed this, you are ready to start earning your way towards free makeup.

To earn credits all you have to do is go to the Earnings area at the top of the screen, pick one of the categories you wish to complete offers under, and do what is asked of you in each description. Click Visit, follow the instructions, return to the site, Mark Offer As Completed, and wait the short while for it to approve. If you do everything as told and use honest information you will be credited! This is the best first offer to do! 50 points! Click here!

*After an offer approves, delete your cache [ctrl+shift+delete] so that you have a good chance at being approved for the next one!

To claim your free makeup, go to the navigation tool at the top - Spend Points - and find the cosmetics you are looking for. Then it's as simple as - Click. Add. Buy.

Products take 1-3 days to approve and 1-3 weeks to arrive at your doorstep. Please be patient and if anything goes wrong, there are always helpful members around to assist you.

Have fun earning your free makeup!


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